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Supporting Animal Performance and Wellness Through Premium Grown Forage

At Standlee, we are committed to maintaining the peak health and performance of your animals throughout the year by delivering nutrition through our premium forage and animal care products. Since our establishment in 1981, Standlee has been dedicated to carefully growing and manufacturing sun-cured forage, which we believe is the perfect feeding solution for your animals. Standlee is Grown for the Life You Love®.


A timeline of the history of Standlee from the idea all the way to present day.

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Introduced two new lines: Smart Carb and Forage Plus

Smart Nutrition plus Premium Forage

Experience a new level of equine health with Smart Carb and Forage Plus designed to meet your horse's unique needs. These two new lines are carefully crafted with the expertise of a renowned Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist who understands your horse's unique requirements.

Smart Carb is a specially formulated forage blend designed for horses requiring a low sugar and low starch diet. With Smart Carb, your horse will receive the ideal nutritional balance while minimizing sugar and starch intake.

Forage Plus is a cutting-edge forage blend that goes beyond basic nutrition to offer additional benefits customized to meet your horse's specific needs. Forage Plus is tailored to provide targeted support and optimize your horse's well-being.

Bags of Standlee Smart Carb Performance and Gastric Support+


A New Color-Coded Packaging Update

Standlee announced an updated visual identity to their product packaging. The new modern design focuses on communicating nutritional wellness and product differentiation with timeless colors while highlighting the benefits of forage within an animal's diet.

The new color-coded design will allow for company and product growth while increasing awareness around the Standlee Brand.

New Packaging Tool

Capital Investment to Double Production Capacity

To elevate our production capabilities, Standlee doubled our capacity by adding a new bagger and pelleter to meet the growing demands of our valued customers.


Scott Plew

Scott Plew Announced as the President of Standlee

Announced the promotion of Scott Plew to President. Plew will work closely with the CEO and Executive Committee, as he continues to oversee finance, marketing, sales, and procurement to pursue ambitious growth and innovation goals for the company. Plew joined Standlee in 2015 as the Executive Vice President, and partner.

Read Press Release

Launch PremiYum: Small Animal Treats Line

Standlee expands small animal line to include Small Animal treats to support Standlee Premium Hand-Selected Forage.

Two exciting flavors, AppleYums and BananaYums were introduced to cater to the discerning tastes of the small animals.

Standlee Small Animal products Array

Beet Pulp changes name to “Smart Beet”

Due to labeling regulations in select states requiring products with more than one ingredient to not have a single ingredient name (i.e., Beet Pulp), we have changed only the name to “Smart Beet.” Everything else is the same, from the quality ingredients used, to the incredible benefits of adding beet pulp to horse and livestock feed programs.

Read Announcement Standlee Beet Pulp Packaging - Before and After Comparison

Standlee Launches Podcast “Beyond the Barn” focused on Horse Nutrition with Dr. Tania Cubitt

Hosted by equine nutritionist, Dr. Tania Cubitt, and marketing consultant and livestock owner, Katy Starr, episodes will feature breaking down misconceptions and offering tips for feeding and caring for horses, other livestock and small animals, as well as interviews with other qualified experts and individuals in the agricultural industry and Standlee Premium Western Forage.

New episodes are released bi-weekly on Tuesdays, and are available on Apple and Spotify platforms.



COVID-19 Assistance

Standlee donates product to COVID-19 Impacted Animals in Texas.

Grown for the Life We Love

In 2020, we launched a video that beautifully captures the essence of our commitment to the equine lifestyle. It's more than just a video; it's a tribute to the love we share for the life you adore. Experience the magic – Standlee is Grown For The Life You Love


Standlee horse Pill Carriers bag and Bucket

Standlee Launches Forage-based Horse Pill Carriers

In May 2018, Standlee launched Horse Pill Carriers® to help assist you with providing oral medications or supplements to your horse, pony or donkey. We are thrilled to bring you an easier solution for giving medication to your horse, through a nutritious treat forage-based treat.

Pill Carriers

Small Animal Forage – Relaunch

At Standlee, we love animals, and we’ve been working hard to give them their best for over 30 years. We have added to our highest-quality forage product line, bringing your beloved animal family optimal nutritional elements to ensure a happy, healthy life. Our products make it easy to provide your small pet with wholesome flavor and optimum hygiene.

Try our Small Animal Forage Stacked boxes of Standlee Small Animal Forgae


Standlee Premium Western Forage commissioned two studies through the Purina Animal Nutrition Center

Why Standlee? Let the Research Show You

To show the benefit of feeding the highest quality forage or hay-based fiber source for your beloved equine and livestock partners, Standlee Premium Western Forage commissioned two studies through the Purina Animal Nutrition Center facility near St. Louis, MO. The studies focused on the metabolic response, palatability, and visual quality indicators of Alfalfa and Timothy Grass varieties.

Why Standlee Purina Study Page Examples


Standlee awarded Idaho Statesman’s Highest Newcomer Award

On October 26th, Standlee Hay Company attended the Idaho Statesman’s Top 100 Private Company luncheon and awards ceremony in Boise, Idaho. During the awards ceremony, Standlee was honored as the 52nd largest private company in Idaho and the highest newcomer to the list. Above, Dusty Standlee, CEO & President at Standlee Hay Company, accepts the highest newcomer award during the luncheon. Standlee is the only hay company and one of six agribusinesses in the state to make the 2016 list.

Bags of Standlee Horse Fresh and Flock Fresh

Standlee offers new bedding solutions for horses, chickens and other livestock!

Standlee Premium Western Forage® introduces 2 new bedding solutions- Horse Fresh™ and Flock Fresh™. ‘We are really excited to offer these bedding products featuring all-natural Zeolite.” expressed Dusty Standlee, CEO/President at Standlee Hay Company. “Zeolite is essentially ancient Idahoan volcanic ash with an impressive ability to absorb both moisture and odor.” continued Standlee.

Learn more about Horse Fresh® and Flock Fresh® and Zeolite

Revolutionizing User Experience: Standlee's Forage Finder and Feed Calculator Enhancements

In 2016, Standlee elevated user experience by introducing substantial improvements to the Forage Finder and Feed Calculator tools. Simultaneously, a responsive website version with a user-friendly sidebar menu was launched, marking a pivotal moment in accessibility and convenience for our community. This digital revolution empowered users with enhanced tools and seamless navigation, redefining their forage and feed decision-making experience.

View Tools


Standlee's Leadership Changes Drive Forage Innovation

Dusty Standlee has become Chief Executive Officer and President.

Read More about Dusty in 2011.

Standlee also welcomes Scott Plew to the company as Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President and minority owner. Scott will assume responsibility for the Finance, Marketing, Sales and Procurement functions at Standlee Hay Company.

Standlee Hay Company is promoting Bobby Delgado to Vice President of Standlee Hay Trucking. Mr. Delgado become minority owners of Standlee Hay Company.

Mike Standlee, Founder and CEO of Standlee Hay Company, will be stepping away from his daily responsibilities as CEO.

Mike continues to be an active participant on the Standlee Executive and Advisory boards, fulfill a leadership role on the Forage Innovation Committee and oversee special projects.

All leadership changes were effective on June 1, 2015.

Mike Standlee

Mike Standlee

Founder & Innovation Leader

Dusty Standlee

Dusty Standlee


Scott Plew

Scott Plew

CFO & Executive VP

Bobby Delgado

Bobby Delgado

Vice President, Standlee Hay Trucking


Screenshot of the 2013 version of the Standlee website

Standlee Hay Company Will Now Be Known as Standlee Premium Western Forage

Launched on September 1, the new branding and other tools were designed to represent what the company has been delivering to discerning consumers throughout the US and the World, Premium Western Forage®.

To support the launch of this new name, Standlee refreshed its logo, packaging, and website.


Standlee Hay Company partners with Performance Horse Nutrition

Standlee equine nutritionist, Dr. Stephen Duren and Dr. Tania Cubitt have been pivotal in the growth of Standlee products and education on horse and other animal nutrition.

Dr. Duren’s experience with the "value" of high-quality forage in a feeding program made PHN and Standlee a natural fit.

Bringing you a premium partnership, since 2012.

Read more about our nutritionists


Family Tradition Continues: Dusty Standlee, Third-Generation Leader of Standlee Hay Company

We are pleased to announce that Mike Standlee, CEO, has appointed his son Dusty Standlee as the New President of Standlee Hay Company. Dusty is the third generation Standlee in the family hay business. Dusty started his career in the fields, working days and nights, he moved his way into plant operations, management and to Vice President. This experience from the fields to the corporate office has provided him the knowledge and experience needed to ensure the future successes of Standlee Hay Company.

Dusty's experience in the forage industry started at an early age with his grandfather, Gene Standlee, before joining his father, Mike Standlee, at Western Alfalfa Farms which later became Standlee Hay Company. He has worked in almost every facet of the company and took on an active management role in 2002.

Mike Standlee will remain CEO of Standlee Hay Company and will continue defining the company vision and direction for future growth.

Examples of Standlee Packaging from 2011

Standlee moves to a larger distribution center in Lexington, Kentucky

To allow for expansion, Standlee Hay Company is pleased to announce the move of its Lexington Kentucky Distribution Center to a new larger facility. Our new location is 1124 Russell Cave Road, in Lexington Kentucky.

Standlee Introduces Organized Packaging by Forms

Standlee undertook a comprehensive packaging update. Our forage products were categorized by forage forms, streamlining the selection process for our customers. This strategic packaging transformation reflected our commitment to continuing to improve the experience of our customers with our premium forage products.

Mike and Dusty Standlee


Standlee Introduces Grab and Go Compressed Bale

Standlee pioneered industry innovation with the invention of the Grab and Go compressed bale—the first of its kind. Featuring a handle and wrapped in plastic for convenience and cleanliness.

Read Article


Landmark Plant Upgrade

Standlee undertook its first major plant upgrade, introducing automation to redefine the production landscape.


Seeds of Partnership: Tractor Supply

Standlee began its relationship with Tractor Supply. This partnership has thrived over the years, symbolizing a shared commitment to quality forage products and a dedication to meeting the needs of customers through a trusted retail avenue.


Small Animal Delights: Introducing Jojo's Best

Standlee introduced Jojo's Best, a specialized small animal line. Named after a member of the Standlee family, this line was the first step into small animal nutrition.

Jojo's best Product Packaging


Blue Gulch Acquisition and International Ventures

Standlee continued to expand with the acquisition of Blue Gulch. This acquisition included a significant addition to what was known as Rattlesnake.

Under Mike's leadership, a press was installed, marking the commencement of shipments to Asia for both dairy and equine markets.


Standlee Packaging from 2005

Standlee's Bagged Product Debut and Expansion

The year 2003 marked a pivotal chapter in Standlee's history with the introduction of our first bagged product line.

Our reach expanded with the opening of the first Distribution Center in Lexington, KY. This year we also delivering hundreds of loads to CO, a key step in establishing Standlee as the go-to brand for premium forage products.


Standlee's Fleet Expansion for Seamless Domestic Deliveries

In a significant move to enhance logistics and meet the growing demand for quality forage, Standlee Hay Company invested in a robust fleet of trucks and trailers. This strategic expansion enables the efficient delivery of domestic products to feed stores and farms.


Mike Standlee's Vision: Revolutionizing Forage Production Facilities

In a visionary move, Mike Standlee spearheaded the establishment of a state-of-the-art forage facility spanning 108,000 square feet. This cutting-edge facility, equipped with a big bale press, cuber, pelleter, bagger, and cottonseed piler, solidified our capacity for domestic supply.

1995 - 2000

Forging Ahead

From 1995 to 2000, our company forged ahead with strategic growth, acquiring and integrating farms into our expanding portfolio. This pivotal period laid the foundation for our commitment to agricultural excellence, setting the stage for a future defined by innovation and sustainable practices.


The Standlee family standing next to a truck

The Standlees Establish Roots in Eden

Mike and Whendy Standlee moved their family to the farm in Eden, while simultaneously, a strategic expansion unfolded with new office along the freeway, complemented by sheds and a maintenance shop enhancing operational efficiency.


Pioneering High-Quality Dairy Hay Markets

Mike and his wife, Whendy, embarked on a visionary journey, actively cultivating markets on the east coast for high-quality dairy hay. Simultaneously, the duo continued their local hauling operations.


Mike Standlee's Landmark Purchase in 1990

Mike Standlee made a historic move by acquiring his first 240-acre farm under Western Alfalfa Farms, a milestone captured in the annals of Standlee's growth.

1987 - 1989

Relocating to Hazelton and Building Shed A

In the years spanning from 1987 to 1989, Mike and Whendy took a significant step by moving to Highway 25 in Hazelton. This period marked the beginning of a transformative chapter as they established their first shed and shop, named Shed A. Positioned in Hazelton, Shed A became a central hub for storage, loading, and pressing.


On the Road to Success: Expanding Markets and Tireless Forage Endeavors

In 1986, the Standlee’s continued to make waves in the forage industry, hauling and trading across the expanses of NV and ID. With a relentless commitment, Mike spent weeks on the road, often sleeping in his Ford pickup, passionately buying and selling forage to ranches in NV. The 3-Tie markets were growing, reflecting Standlee's dedication to meeting market demands and forging enduring connections in the industry.

Standlee truck hauling hay


Local Hauling and Eastern Markets Venture

Entering a phase of significant growth, Standlee expanded operations by initiating local hauling in Southern ID and reaching as far as WA. Simultaneously, Mike spearheaded the introduction of 3-tie hay, strategically marketing it back east.

Standlee ranches truck with man standing beside it


Mike Standlee's First Peterbilt Acquisition

While continuing to farm in Bruneau. Mike Standlee made a pivotal move by acquiring his first Peterbilt truck late in the year demonstrating a commitment to efficiency and progress.


Partnering for Progress in Bruneau, ID

In a strategic move towards expansion, Standlee forged a partnership with Lynn in January, embarking on a joint venture to farm 2000 acres in Bruneau, ID.


Expanding Farms and Family

As Standlee continued to cultivate success in their expanding farms, they joyously embraced a new chapter in their family history with the birth of Dusty, our now CEO of Standlee.

Listen to Dusty’s Story


Farming Roots in Hunt, ID, and Custom Hay Ventures in Mud Lake and Kilgore

Standlee continued to cultivate their first farm in Hunt, ID while simultaneously venturing into custom hay operations in Mud Lake and Kilgore.

Listen to Mike’s Story


Roots of Growth: Standlee's First Farm in Hunt, ID

Embarking on the journey that laid the groundwork for a legacy, the first generation of Standlee farmers took a momentous step by acquiring their first farm—an 80-acre expanse in Hunt, ID. This marked the dedicated commitment to agriculture, as the family tirelessly shuttled between the Hunt farm and Kilgore, engaging in custom hay endeavors with Whendy's siblings and Mike's brothers.


Provide Premium Forage, For a Premium Experience


Cultivate the connection between our customers and those they care for by providing value through support, education and premium products

Core Values

Our commitment is to deliver a premium through our core values

Adult and child boots walking in the dirt


  • Appreciate
  • Cooperation
  • Community
  • Cultivate
Man watching sunset


  • Positive
  • Respectful
  • Reliable
  • Accountable
  • Passionate
Woman riding horse


  • Trustworthy
  • Responsible
  • Consistent
  • Relentless
Man working on tools


  • Focused
  • Efficient
  • Always Deliver a Premium Experience


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