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All-Natural Zeolite Mineral (Clinoptilolite)

Zeolite, also known as Clinoptilolite, is a sustainable and all-natural mineral. Used in many applications, Zeolite is most commonly used to control moisture, capture odors and neutralize potentially harmful compounds.

Zeolite Infographic

The Zeolite mineral is composed of volcanic ash and alkaline water formed under extended pressure. This results in a rock like mineral with a honeycomb structure and a net negative charge.

Zeolite granules have the ability to absorb up to 60% of its weight in moisture and the net negative charge acts like a magnet attracting positively charged compounds (like ammonia). Zeolite eliminates them by exchanging ions and neutralizing the compound.

These benefits make it an ideal natural additive to our products.

  • All-Natural Mineral
  • Absorbs Moisture
  • Attracts Harmful Compounds
  • Neutralizes Odors Through Ion Exchanges
  • Rereleases Nutrients Through Composting
  • Environmentally Sustainable

Once Zeolite has been exposed to moisture and other compounds, it locks in liquids and binds with the positively charged ions. The product can be used to augment and amend soils by itself or mixed with soiled bedding. Zeolite slowly re-releases the liquid and beneficial nutrients it has absorbed. This makes it ideal for water conservation and gardening.

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Standlee currently offers three products featuring Zeolite

Horse Fresh
Flock Fresh
Sweet Coop
Featuring Zeolite Logo

All Standlee Zeolite products are designated with the ‘Featuring All-Natural Zeolite’ Badge.