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Standlee Forage is grown in the Western United States and is without equal in quality and nutrient profiles. Research shows Standlee Alfalfa and Timothy Grass provided a more consistent and appropriate profile of key nutrients than comparable locally sourced hays.

The study suggested that the Standlee alfalfa may have a more consistent nutritional profile over time than locally grown forage. Standlee alfalfa has a smaller variation in overall nutrient values between the three samples of locally sourced hay that were tested. Relative feed value (RFV), a calculation utilized by horse owners, nutritionists, and veterinarians, is a widely-accepted index of forage quality. While not significantly greater, the Standlee alfalfa evaluated in the current study had a numerically higher and more consistent RFV than the locally sourced alfalfa hay.

The Standlee Difference

Standlee Premium Western Forage believes that growing, processing and delivering premium western forage products begins with quality in the field. Standlee has a strong emphasis on hands-on management at each of our farms; our farm managers are deeply involved with all areas of production. Since our managers are directly involved in our farming operations, our attention to detail and quality is unparalleled. We continue to appreciate the tried and true tradition that farming is a family business.

Standlee operates five farms totaling nearly 22,000 acres and harvests an additional 13,000 acres. Farming this vast amount of acres allows Standlee Premium Western Forage to rotate crops to help keep our forage the highest quality on the market. Standlee cultivates a wide variety of forages, including Alfalfa, Timothy Grass, Teff Grass, Orchard Grass, and Alfalfa/Grass mixed fields. We also farm other crops such as corn, potatoes, and wheat to help keep our soil prime for forage.

Standlee Product Array
Standlee Product Array
Standlee Product Array

Standlee’s commitment to consistent safety, quality, and products is evident in the investments we continue to put towards our manufacturing facility in Eden, Idaho. The facility consists of:

  • High capacity shredders and hammer mill for our cubes, pellets, and chopped processes
  • State of the art bagger and metal detection systems
  • Robotic palletizing and wrapping for finished products

At Standlee, we have spent years perfecting the best ways to ship our nutritious products. We have chosen shipping methods that deliver that "fresh from the field" product to dealer and retail locations worldwide, from container loads of fresh green alfalfa forage bales to pallets of bagged pellets and cubes.

When you purchase any Standlee product, your valued animal is receiving the highest quality forage that consistently delivers the greatest nutritional benefit!

Standlee Product Array

Claims are based on joint studies between Standlee Premium Western Forage and Purina Animal Nutrition in 2016 & 2017. A veterinarian should evaluate changes in diet before implementation. Claims not verified by AAFCO. Claims are intended for informational use only and should not be considered as healthcare advice, veterinary or medical diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing of any kind. Proper medical assessment and veterinary recommendation should be obtained before making any changes to your animal’s diet.