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What is the difference between laminitis or founder for horses.

Laminitis or Founder – Which Is It?

The term founder has been used to describe several different scenarios. Some will use the word founder interchangeably with laminitis, while others refer to the chronic phase of laminitis as founder....

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Standlee reveals new look forage packaging for horses.

New Look, Same Great Product

Standlee reveals a new color-coded bag design with highlighted at-a-glance nutritional and feeding information. We're pleased to introduce our new Standlee forage bag design, conveniently color-coded...

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What to consider when picking hay to feed dairy goats

What hay do you feed dairy goats?

Here at Standlee, we are often asked about what goats eat. When it comes to picking the right choice for your goat, it depends on several factors. Is your goat for dairy or meat? Is your goat...

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Introducing Standlee Premium Chopped Timothy Grass

New Product Alert - Premium Timothy Grass Chopped

Continuing to bring you a high-quality forage, Standlee is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our product line, Premium Timothy Grass Chopped with no added molasses. Timothy Grass is highly...

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