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Standlee Barn Bulletin

The Standlee Barn Bulletin is your source for insightful articles about premium western forage and beyond.

How to manage goat’s weight an optimal feeding guide.

How to Manage Goat’s Weight

Earlier this year, Standlee published this article in American Dairy Association Management, written by Dr. Stephen Duren, Standlee Nutritionist. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT OF DOES Goat does are the lifeblood...

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Four signs of good quality horse forage.

4 Signs of Good Quality Horse Forage

The quality of hay we offer our horses can have profound health consequences. If we feed dusty, moldy, or insect-infested forage, we risk predisposing our horses to respiratory issues, digestive upset...

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Everything you need to know about forage pellets for horses.

The Scoop on Forage Pellets for Horses

Are you curious about forage pellets? What are they, how are they made, how do you feed them, and which horses potentially may benefit from consuming forage pellets? The following is the scoop on...

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