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Alfalfa Forage Bites -  Healthy Treats Made for Horses.

Treats made especially for your horse – Alfalfa Forage Bites!

Standlee is excited to unveil our newest addition to our product line - Alfalfa Forage Bites. Made from high-quality alfalfa that is sun-cured on our farms here in Idaho, these treats are perfect for horses and other medium to large livestock.

Available in Three Delicious Flavors

Alfalfa Forage Bites are available in three flavors - robust star anise, exceptionally sweet very berry, and a tropical and delightful banana.

Alfalfa Bites Array

Highly Palatable and Grain Free

At Standlee, we understand that treating your animals can be a balancing act. You want to provide them with something delicious, but you don't want to throw off their daily dietary regimen. That's why we've developed Alfalfa Forage Bites, so you can reward your animals without worrying about unwanted ingredients. These treats are a great alternative to traditional grain-filled treats.

Pocket-Sized and Breakable

Imagine having a delightful horse treat that you can carry in your pocket without worrying about crumbs. Not only that, but it's also conveniently breakable, allowing you to offer your horse a smaller-sized treat whenever you desire. Let's compare Alfalfa Pellets and Alfalfa Forage Bites - the Alfalfa Forage Bites stand out with their larger size.

Alfalfa Bites Array

Standlee's commitment to providing the highest quality products extends to our Alfalfa Forage Bites. We source our alfalfa from trusted farmers, ensuring that only the best alfalfa is used in our products. We also carefully craft our treats to ensure that they are of the highest quality, making them a perfect reward for your animals.

So, if you're looking for a healthy and nutritious treat for your horse or other medium to large livestock, look no further than Standlee's Alfalfa Forage Bites. Our bites are grain-free, made from premium sun-cured alfalfa, and are available in three delicious flavors.

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