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New Look, Same Great Product

New Look, Same Great Product

Standlee reveals a new color-coded bag design with highlighted at-a-glance nutritional and feeding information.

We're pleased to introduce our new Standlee forage bag design, conveniently color-coded by forage type. The bag's front, side, and back have also been enhanced with highlighted at-a-glance nutrition and feeding information to help you choose the best forage option and feeding amounts for your horses.

While the outside of the Standlee forage bag design has changed, the premium products you and your animals expect, and love remain the same. Our last bag redesign was ten years ago, and we're proud and excited to share the new and improved version!


Standlee color-coded horse forage bags make your horse's life easier.

Who's in for ways to simplify shopping for and optimize feeding your horses' forage?! Its corresponding feed bag color can quickly and easily identify each Standlee forage product type to make your horse's life easier. For example, the newly designed Timothy Grass Pellets bag is highlighted in navy, while the Orchard Grass Pellets bag is highlighted in burgundy.

Forage Type Identifier


Standlee color-coded horse forage bag design benefits:

  • Assures there's little to no chance of accidentally purchasing the wrong Standlee forage type.
  • Prevents errors in feeding the wrong forage type to your horses and other animals
  • Helps feed store managers and employees quickly check Standlee inventory and load out the correct forage types for your orders.
  • Makes it faster and easier to locate and buy specific Standlee forage products at your feed store.

Use our convenient Store Locator to find Standlee products near you.

Enhanced Information

Enhanced highlighted nutrition and feeding information on horse feed bags helps you choose the best forage and optimal feeding amounts.

Have you ever been frustrated because finding information on a bag was hard to determine if it was the best choice for your horse? Do you need clarification on the bag's instructions on how much to forage to feed? We got you!

Standlee New Packaging

The bag design's front, side, and back have also been enhanced with highlighted nutrition and feeding information so you can effortlessly select the best forage and feeding amounts that suit your horses' activity level and life stages.

Listen to our Podcast

In Episode 63: What You Are Feeding Your Horse and Why it Matters, co-hosts Dr. Tania Cubitt and Katy Starr chat with the other half of PHN, guest expert Dr. Stephen Duren. They break down “the why” for Standlee’s packaging updates and improvements, including three key changes on the front of the packaging that will undoubtedly help horse and livestock owners.

Click here for more information on all Standlee horse forage products, and be sure to check out our handy Forage Finder and Feed Calculator.

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