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Sponsor Spotlight: Clinton Anderson

Sponsor Spotlight: Clinton Anderson

When it comes to caring for your horse, your feeding program is vital to his overall well-being and performance. Without good nutrition, your horse’s health will deteriorate, he won’t have the energy to perform, and his body condition will do downhill. Forage is the foundation of every good program, and the forage you feed your horse should be of the utmost quality. That’s why I feed my horses Standlee Premium Western Forage.

I discovered Standlee in 2009 and have been feeding its Premium Alfalfa Forage and Alfalfa Pellets to my horses ever since. I feed my performance horses hay in the morning and evening and pellets throughout the day. Because of that, I have happy, healthy horses that look like a million bucks. I expect my horses to perform at a high level and make sure I give them the nutrition they need to excel. My way of thinking is, if you’re not going to give your horse the best, it’s unfair to expect him to give you, his best.

What I love most about the Standlee products is their consistent high-quality. When you crack open a bale of hay or open a bag of pellets, you’re immediately hit with the smell of fresh alfalfa. There’s never a doubt in my mind that I’m giving my horses good, quality forage. I get asked all the time why I have my forage shipped in from Idaho. My answer is simple: I trust Standlee. I’ve toured the Standlee fields and plant and have seen firsthand the harvesting and manufacturing process and the care and attention that goes into producing the end product.

The second thing I love about the Standlee products is how convenient they are. I get the compressed alfalfa bales, which makes taking hay to horse shows and tours simple. The bales are easy to manage and move around and I can pack much more forage in my trailer than traditional bales. The pellets are a no brainer and make keeping forage in front of my horses 24/7 easy.

The bottom line is all of us want what’s best for our equine partners, and we know that nutrition plays a vital role in our horses’ overall health. That’s why I’ve trusted Standlee to help me care for my horses for years and keep them performing at their best.

By Clinton Anderson
Downunder Horsemanship

Clinton Anderson Joins our Beyond the Barn Podcast.

Coming up on episode 42, Katy interviews world renowned clinician and horse trainer, Clinton Anderson about the good, the bad and the ugly about owning a business and some serious life lessons.

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BONUS EPISODE: Clinton opens up and gets brutally honest with us, in not just one but TWO episodes. Part II is coming next Tuesday, September 20th. And if you thought Part I was interesting, just wait to hear what he has to say in Part II - Subscribe on Apple to be the first to listen when it releases!

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