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Company History

Lynn C. Stadlee Standing by Truck 1975

As a young boy growing up in rural Eden, Idaho, Mike Standlee could not have envisioned the expansive modern day Standlee Premium Products. Gene and June Standlee taught their five children at a very young age about the meaning of a strong work ethic and the joys of farming. Mike Standlee and his siblings kept very busy working and growing up in their family's forage fields of Southern Idaho. During Mike's youth, he and his brother Lynn developed a mutual love and passion for forage farming.

Upon graduating from High School and after many years of mentoring by their father Gene, Mike and his brother Lynn set out on their own to become farmers in their own right. Mike bought a swather and Lynn bought a stacker and thus the two of them began custom farming while still continuing to work on their family farm. Mike and Lynn worked together in the custom forage business and in the horse business for many years.

Mike Standlee and his wife Whendy with just $900 in their pockets started what today is known as the Standlee Premium Products. With an old 1969 Peterbilt truck, a used swather and baler, Mike put up enough forage to market to the Eastern United States. Mike's vision to grow a market in the East required land and in 1990 he purchased his first farm of 240 acres. In 1991, Mike purchased a big bale press and proceeded to open new markets. In 2001, he put in a 108,000 square foot forage facility that included; a big bale press, cuber, pelleter, bagger, and cottonseed piler.

Standlee Kids standby by Hay Truck

Like his father, Mike wanted to pass down the farming tradition to his children. Mike and Whendy's children began working in the forage fields at a young age and they too developed the same passion as their father and grandfather. Today Dusty Standlee, the eldest of the Standlee children, is the CEO and President of Standlee Premium Products.

Standlee Premium Products harvest over 22,000 acres of carefully managed alfalfa, timothy, orchard, teff, and oat grass. Our facility in the small town of Eden, Idaho, is 142,000 square feet. We have an extensive customer base both domestically and internationally.

Standlee Premium Products, is a leader in the forage industry. We continue to market and develop the highest quality products for our loyal customers "all year."

Standlee Family