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Gastric Support for Horses

Gastric Support for Horses

The gastric health of horses is crucial for their overall well-being and performance. To ensure the optimal health of your horse's digestive system, it's important to understand the anatomy of their stomach and hindgut, common causes of gastric issues, and the signs and symptoms of gastric ulcers.

Understanding Gastric Health in Horses

The equine stomach consists of two main sections: the upper squamous region and the lower glandular region. The squamous region is vulnerable to gastric ulcers due to its exposure to stomach acid. The hindgut, which includes the cecum and large intestine, plays a critical role in fermentation and nutrient absorption.

Gastric issues in horses can be caused by various factors. One common cause is prolonged periods without forage, as horses are natural grazers and their digestive system requires a constant intake of fiber. Stress, such as intense exercise, transport, or changes in routine, can also contribute to gastric problems. Other factors include high-starch diets, limited turnout, and the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of gastric ulcers is essential for early detection and treatment. Horses with gastric ulcers may exhibit poor appetite, weight loss, decreased performance, changes in behavior, or recurrent colic. They may also show signs of discomfort, such as teeth grinding, excessive salivation, or a tucked-up appearance.

At Standlee Forage, we understand the importance of gastric health in horses. Our range of premium forage products, such as hay and pellets, are designed to provide the necessary fiber and nutrition to support a healthy digestive system. With our high-quality forage options, you can help promote gastric support for your horse and maintain their overall well-being.

Read more about management and causes of gastric ulcers - Equine Gastric Ulcers: Causes, Symptoms & Management

Prevention and Management of Gastric Issues

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Standlee Forage Plus Gastric Support is the solution your customers are looking for! A forage blend formulated to buffer stomach acid, support digestive tissue health, and promote a balanced gut microbiome. When seeking a forage blend that nurtures an equine microbiome and supports digestive tissue health, Standlee Forage Plus Gastric Support pellets will elevate your customer’s equine care. Forage Plus is a cutting-edge forage blend that goes beyond basic nutrition to offer additional benefits customized to meet your horse's specific needs.

Using premium alfalfa, this forage blend is molasses, grain-free and is designed by Ph.D. Nutritionists, this formula is the ideal recommendation for horses dealing with periods of digestive sensitivities or heightened stress, such as trailering and competition.

Gastric Support is carefully crafted with the expertise of a renowned Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Stephen Duren, who understands your horse's unique requirements. We interviewed Dr. Duren on our revolutionary forage blend.

Introducing Standlee Gastric Support

Standlee Gastric Support Pellets

This grain-free, alfalfa-based pellet was carefully crafted with ingredients to support your horse’s digestive system. Marine-derived calcium assists in maintaining a stomach acid balance, potentially lowering gastric ulcer risk. Added ButiPearl Z EQ supports the recovery of damaged digestive tissue caused by stress. And our proprietary pre & probiotic blend, GI Pro 3, promotes microbiome balance, enhancing immune function and aiding in optimal digestion.

Gastric Support pellets are the ideal recommendation for horses dealing with digestive sensitivities or heightened stress, such as trailering and competition, to help effectively address digestive issues and upset.

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