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What’s in the Bottom of My Bagged Forage?

What’s in the Bottom of My Bagged Forage?

We’ve all done it – gotten to the bottom of the bag and held nothing but what appears to be little particles of dust. What you are finding is not dirt or dust, but actually pieces of delicious forage for your small animals!

Much like reaching into the bottom of a bag of chips, where you will find a coating of chip crumbles. Friction against the packaging causes pieces of forage to fragment and settle at the bottom of the bag.

Forage Collage
Left to right: package as it appears on shelf, forage inside packaging, forage particles at the bottom of the bag.

Standlee PremiYum™ Fortified Foods, paired with our hand-selected small animal forages, are a delicious and healthy staple for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, and chinchillas. Our nutritionists carefully designed the PremiYum Fortified Foods to deliver optimal nutrients for small animals and stimulate natural foraging behavior, eliminate boredom, and ensure proper dental wear.

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