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Ep. 015: How Proper Nutrition Management Can Decrease Your Horse’s Risk of Colic


Dr. Tania Cubitt


Hailing originally from Australia, Dr. Tania Cubitt is one of Standlee’s resident nutrition experts, with both technical and practical life experience. She has a PhD in Equine Nutrition and Reproduction from Virginia Tech and raises black angus cattle, along with a few goats in Virginia.

Katy Starr


From the western state of Idaho, Katy Starr works as a marketing consultant for Standlee Premium Western Forage, focusing on nutritional content. She has a bachelor’s degree in animal science and agribusiness from the University of Idaho, and partners with her husband in raising a small commercial cattle herd and their three girls.

Episode Details

On this episode, co-hosts Dr. Tania Cubitt and Katy Starr chat about every horse owner’s worst nightmare, COLIC, including: • The 2 most common types of colic related to nutrition and the differences between them • Common colic symptoms horse owners can watch for • How to decrease your horse's risk of colic, whether they've previously experienced colic or not Have any topics you want to hear more about? Let us know at ** We will be taking a mini summer break for the month of July! After episode 15, the next episode will release Tuesday, August 3rd. Catch up on past episodes if you haven't had a chance to listen in yet!**

Episode Notes

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