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WebinarIntroduction to Horse Digestion

With many schools going online, and events, such as 4-H, FFA and Pony Club meetings, being canceled or delayed, we want to offer a fun learning experience for our youth!

We invite 4-H, FFA and Pony Club members, along with their leaders, advisors and parents to join us in learning about the basics of horse digestion and forage. Dr. Tania Cubitt, Doctor of Philosophy in Equine Nutrition and Reproduction, is an engaging speaker who will walk us through this interactive presentation. Many educators have reached out to use this as a classroom activity for students. Feel free to add this to your curriculum or as an added bonus assignment for students regarding horse nutrition education.

Be sure to download and print the worksheet before starting the presentation.

Share this with any of your local FFA chapters, 4-H clubs or pony clubs who have an interest in horses!

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