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Why Use Alfalfa in Your Garden as a Natural Fertilizer Solution?

Why Use Alfalfa in Your Garden as a Natural Fertilizer Solution?

As our plants grow through each season, they deplete minerals from the soil. When the season comes to an end, the soil then becomes nutrient deficient, meaning the soil no longer has the substances that provide nourishment for essential growth and life that your plants need to flourish. Fruit and vegetables are particularly vulnerable to soil depletion; if the soil does not contain the nutrients needed, the plants will deliver fewer and smaller fruits and veggies. Every year your soil should be replenished with fertilizer adding these essential nutrients back, but finding a fertilizer that’s not full of chemicals can be somewhat of a challenge for most gardeners. Standlee Premium Western Forage®’s Organic Alfalfa Pellets can help fill that void.

Basket of Vegetables

Alfalfa Lawn and Garden Benefits

  • An Excellent Source of Nitrogen
  • Stimulates Growth and Builds Organic Matter
  • Easy Application and Dust Free
  • 100% Alfalfa – No Added Ingredients
  • All Natural and Pet Safe

Alfalfa Pellets act as a slow-release fertilizer that is an excellent source of nitrogen. Alfalfa also contains trace minerals and triacontanol, a naturally occurring growth promoter, which is great for roses! Alfalfa Pellets can be used several different ways in gardening; during the growing season, to slowly release added nutrients to your garden all season long, it can be used at the end of the season for amending your soil, or it can be added to your compost pile, acting as a stimulator.

Using pellets as an activator in your compost - Soak them overnight with water and then spread onto the compost. When soaked, alfalfa will decompose rapidly, creating heat which will help the rest of your compost to decompose with a higher nutrient level due to the use of the alfalfa. Higher nutrient levels in your compost and soil means more nutrient-dense produce in your garden!

Providing a natural solution to fertilizing hopefully just became a lot easier with the help of Standlee Premium Western Forage® alfalfa products.

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