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What to Feed Your Small Animals, Made Easy!

What to Feed Your Small Animals, Made Easy!

Have you ever wished for an easier way to pick the right food and forage for your littlest fur baby?

Wish no longer! Standlee proudly introduces PremiYum™ Fortified Foods for small companion animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, and chinchillas.

Standlee PremiYum Fortified Foods are meant to be paired with our farm direct Hand-Selected Forages to deliver the optimal diet for your small animal and make it super simple for you to feed! No more guessing.

Leveraging the nutritional content of Hand-Selected Loose Forages, our nutritionists carefully designed the PremiYum Fortified Foods to deliver the optimal nutrients to small companion animals. The extrusion process ensures uniform mixing and delivers the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals for each animal type.

Simply mix and match PremiYum Fortified Food with our Hand-Selected Forages using the on-pack information and animal silhouettes to select the perfect combination.

PremiYum complete feeding program chart

Here are a few examples from our friends’ perfect pairings:

Guinea pig

Bruno | Guinea Pig | Age 4 | New York | Cardboard Connoisseur

PremiYum Adult Guinea Pig Fortified Food + Timothy Grass Hand-Selected Forage

With this combination Bruno gets all the Vitamin C he needs to live his best life and keep up on his favorite pastime. When Bruno isn’t enjoying cardboard, he loves thicker timothy grass stems for maximum chewage and lower calcium.


Max | Chinchilla | Age 1.5 | San Diego | Good Vibe Guru

PremiYum Chinchilla Fortified Food + Orchard Grass Hand-Selected Forage

Max is a totally chill dude and loves the low-fat and extra fiber in his fortified food paired with the soft texture of orchard grass forage.

Straw in field

Suzanne | European Rabbit | Age 3 | Long-Jumper/Soon-to-be Momma

PremiYum Young Rabbit Fortified Food + Alfalfa Hand-Selected Forage

As an expectant mother, Penelope needs the added nutrients in our Young Rabbit formula and the added protein in Alfalfa forage. Together, these give her and her growing babies what they need to be strong and healthy. Penelope will maintain this diet until her kits are weaned.

Learn more about our Standlee PremiYum Fortified Foods and Hand-Selected Forage.

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