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Are you looking for a USDA Certified Organic Alfalfa forage option for your animals?

Are you looking for a USDA Certified Organic Alfalfa forage option for your animals?

Are you looking for a USDA Certified Organic Alfalfa forage option for your animals? Organic Alfalfa can be utilized in any diet that currently includes alfalfa. If your preference is “organic” or your livestock herd is involved in a program that requires organic feed, Standlee Premium Western Forage® is proud to offer you that choice.

Standlee Forage® has two organic products to offer that meet organic needs. Premium Organic Alfalfa Pellets are 100% organic alfalfa, convenient to store and easy to measure. Also recently available, the Organic Alfalfa Grab and Go® Compressed Bale which is also 100% organic alfalfa, just in a compressed bale format. In our signature wrapped packaging, this product is easy to transport, with less mess and convenient to store, especially with limited feed storage space.

Alfalfa is an important forage component in many livestock, small companion animal and horse diets. It is a great and abundant source for high-quality protein, which stimulates muscle and bone development, and supports milk production. Also, quality protein is an essential building block for proper hoof, hair, wool and fur growth. Alfalfa is a rich source of calories that provide the animal with energy to grow, reproduce and synthesize milk and meat. In horses, these calories fuel muscle contraction to exercise, train and compete in athletic activities.

So, what is USDA Certified Organic Alfalfa? It is alfalfa that is grown and processed according to federal guidelines addressing, among other factors, soil quality, pest and weed control and the use of additives. In producing organic alfalfa, Standlee Premium Western Forage relies on natural substances and physical, mechanical or biologically based farming methods to the fullest to provide you a quality and sustainable forage with an organic option. Standlee Premium Western Forage® is committed to growing high quality alfalfa and also in providing an organic forage option for animal owners. Our farming location in the high desert of Idaho allows cultivation of alfalfa in rich volcanic soils. Favorable weather conditions and irrigation allow us to harvest alfalfa plants at the optimum stage of maturity to maximize nutrient content.

Our commitment to consistent quality and sustainable farming practices has allowed us to produce a variety of products, including premium USDA Certified Organic Alfalfa for you, and provide the most widely available forage options and formats to meet your needs.

By Dr. Stephen Duren
Standlee Nutritional Expert - Performance Horse Nutrition

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