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Low Sugar and Starch Forage Blend - Smart Carb Performance

Low Sugar and Starch Forage Blend - Smart Carb Performance

Are you looking for a high-quality forage blend that is low in sugar and starch? Look no further than our Low Sugar and Starch Forage Blend, Smart Carb™ Performance. This specially formulated blend is designed to provide your horses with a nutritious and balanced diet, without the excess sugars and starches that is meticulously crafted and enriched with probiotics to optimize microbiome function and ensure your horses peak performance at their peak.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of our low sugar and starch forage blend, including its impact on your horses performance. We will also discuss the carefully selected ingredients that make up our blend, and provide feeding guidelines to ensure your horses receive the optimal nutrition.

Stay tuned as we dive into the world of low sugar and starch forage blends, and discover this new option for your horses.

Understanding the Benefits of Low Sugar and Starch Forage

At Standlee, we understand the unique nutritional needs of your high-performing equine companions. That's why we're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation, Standlee Smart Carb Performance – Offers a low sugar and low starch forage blend that is meticulously crafted and enriched with probiotics to optimize microbiome function and ensure your horse's peak performance at their peak.

Smart Carb is carefully crafted with the expertise of a renowned Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist who understands your horse's unique requirements. We interviewed Dr. Duren on our podcast to share the inside “scoop” on this unique and revolutionary forage blend.

We have developed Standlee Smart Carb Performance to meet the specific needs of high-performing horses, ensuring optimal performance without compromising their health.

Our low sugar and starch forage blend is meticulously formulated to provide the necessary energy for your horses while minimizing the risk of metabolic disorders such as laminitis and insulin resistance. By carefully selecting premium ingredients and incorporating probiotics, we enhance the overall digestive health of your horses, promoting a healthy microbiome and improving nutrient absorption.

Standlee Smart Carb Performance is the result of years of research and expertise in equine nutrition. We understand that every horse is unique, and our goal is to provide the best possible nutrition to support their performance and well-being. With our low sugar and starch forage blend, you can trust that you are providing your equine companions with the highest quality feed that will help them reach their peak performance.

Benefits of Smart Carb Performance

This grain-free, highly palatable teff grass and alfalfa-based forage blend has added probiotics to positively enrich the microbiome function specifically tailored for performance horses requiring a low sugar and low starch solution. This forage can also be a great solution for any horse owner looking for a low sugar and low starch forage blend to supplement their feed with.

Highly Palatable: Contains Teff Grass, Beet Pulp, and Alfalfa

One of the key benefits of our Smart Carb Performance forage blend is its high palatability. It contains a carefully selected combination of teff grass, beet pulp, and alfalfa, which not only provides essential nutrients but also makes it highly appetizing for horses. This means that even picky eaters are more likely to enjoy this forage, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrition without sacrificing taste.

Promotes Efficient Digestion: Added Probiotic

Promoting efficient digestion is another advantage of our Smart Carb Performance forage blend. We have added probiotics to enhance the digestive process and positively influence the horse's microbiome. This helps maintain a healthy gut flora, aids in nutrient absorption, and supports overall digestive health. By incorporating our forage blend into your horse's diet, you can be confident in providing them with a solution that optimizes digestion and nutrient utilization.

Grain Free – No Molasses Added

Furthermore, our Smart Carb Performance forage blend is grain-free and contains no added molasses. This makes it an ideal choice for horses with specific dietary requirements or sensitivities. By eliminating grains and molasses, our forage blend offers a low sugar and low starch solution, ensuring that horses with insulin resistance, metabolic disorders, or those needing a controlled carbohydrate intake can still enjoy a nutritious and balanced diet.

Ingredients of our Low Sugar and Starch Forage Blend

In addition to our premium teff grass and alfalfa forage, our acclaimed Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist incorporated beet pulp, flaxseed, canola oil, and stabilized rice bran for added calories, without added sugars and starches. Smart Carb Performance also contains yeast culture, a probiotic that enriches the microbiome and aids in digestion.

Smart Carb Ingredients

Smart Carb Performance pellets stand out as a uniquely crafted, intentionally softer, smaller pellet option in equine nutrition, ensuring a consistent nutrient-dense mix. Upon opening the bags, you may notice a loose substance at the bottom, highlighting their deliberate softness. Due to the nutrient-rich ingredients, do not discard these ground pellets. We recommend these pellets soaked to a soup-like consistency to maintain a nutrient-dense blend when mixed with other pellets for your horses.

Feeding Guidelines for Low Sugar and Starch Forage Blend

Forage is the most important component of a horse’s diet and should be fed at a rate of 1.5-2.5% of a horse’s body weight. Introduce Standlee Smart Carb Performance forage gradually into your horse’s diet over seven to fourteen (7-14) days to replace up to 50% of forage in your horse's diet.

For example, a horse that is eating 20lbs of forage per day can be fed up to 10lbs of Smart Carb forage per day and 10lbs of another forage source.

While the recommendation is to soak Smart Carb Performance pellets, horses accustomed to pellets may find the naturally soft texture palatable without requiring extra preparation, allowing for a convenient and enjoyable feeding experience.

Smart Carb Bag

Experience the difference with Standlee Smart Carb Performance – a forage that goes beyond the ordinary to support your horse's health, energy, and performance. Trust in Standlee's commitment to excellence and choose Smart Carb Performance for a happier, healthier, and more vibrant equine companion.

Interested in working Smart Carb Performance into your horse’s dietary regimen but not sure how to start? Reach out to us for guidance and personalized recommendations. Our team of experts is here to help you make the best feeding decisions for your horse's specific needs.

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