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Should you soak your horse’s pellets and cubes before feeding?

Should you soak your horse’s pellets and cubes before feeding?

Have you ever found yourself at a feed store looking at pellets or cubes but didn’t purchase them because you were unsure of how to feed them, so back to the alfalfa bale you went? You are not alone! The most commonly asked question we get is, “Do I need to soak my horse’s pellets or cubes?”. Our nutritionist with Performance Horse Nutrition, Dr. Stephen Duren, answers this question by addressing an esophageal choke with aggressive or naive eaters in the video below.

If you fear your horse is experiencing an esophageal obstruction, call your veterinarian immediately. To help, we’ve listed some signs associated with esophageal obstruction. Keep in mind that some horses may continue to eat and drink, causing the block to worsen.

  • Nasal discharge (feed material)
  • Excessive saliva
  • Coughing and ‘gagging’
  • Appear anxious
  • Retch while stretching and arching of the neck

As always, here at Standlee Premium Western Forage, we recommend that you contact your veterinarian or nutritionist with any dietary concerns for your horses.

Standlee forage cubes and pellet bags

For more tips on feeding pellets or cubes visit the nutritional resources page on our website - WHY FEED FORAGE PELLETS OR CUBES?


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