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Introducing Native Earth Lawn and Garden Products

Introducing Native Earth Lawn and Garden Products

Standlee is proud to announce our partnership with fellow Idaho-based company Land View, Inc. to create Native Earth.

Rooted in the art of plant care, Native Earth offers a full system of easy, safe, professional-grade products that are perfectly formulated to mix and match based on your lawn and garden needs. Native Earth products are naturally-based using the best raw materials – learn why Native Earth products work.

Available Native Earth Products

The Native Earth product line includes liquid and soil/compost lawn and garden applications. Currently, our liquid and soil products can be purchased directly from All orders include FREE SHIPPING.

Vive Liquid Products

Native Earth Vive Array

Bring or return life to your flowers, garden, and turf with our naturally-based, kid and pet friendly, optimally formulated Native Earth Vive Liquid Products. Learn more about Vive Liquid Products.

Purely Garden Aids

Native Earth Purely Array

Simple ingredients don’t mean simple results. Native Earth Purely Garden Aids are precisely picked for their versatility and effectiveness in the garden. From multipurpose soils to pure compost, these aids pack an arsenal of uses and won’t let you down. Learn more about Purely Garden Aids.

Native Earth products can also be found at a lawn and garden store near you, or online at

To stay up to date with what’s new with Native Earth don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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