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Alfalfa Forage Bites - Cattle Treats: A Forage-Based Treat for Your Cows

Alfalfa Forage Bites - Cattle Treats: A Forage-Based Treat for Your Cows

At Standlee, we understand the importance of providing top-quality nutrition for your cattle. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest product, Alfalfa Forage Bites – Cattle Treats.

Standlee Cattle Bites

Made in Idaho

Made from high-quality sun-cured alfalfa grown in the fields of Idaho, these treats are specifically designed to offer your cows a wholesome and delicious snacking experience. With a focus on nutritional excellence and the well-being of your livestock, our Alfalfa Forage Bites – Cattle Treats are the best choice for offering a reward to the cattle you care for.

Grain-Free and Forage-Based

We believe in providing treats that align with the dietary needs of your cows. Alfalfa Forage Bites – Cattle Treats are grain-free, ensuring that your cattle receive a treat that is both nutritious and gentle on their digestive system. Our Alfalfa Forage Bites are carefully crafted from premium sun-cured alfalfa, grown on our farms in Idaho. We prioritize using high-quality forage to ensure that your cows receive the best possible nutrients and flavors in every bite.

Star-Anise Flavor

We understand that treating your cattle goes beyond just providing nourishment. That's why we have infused our Alfalfa Forage Bites with a robust star anise flavor. This aromatic blend enhances the palatability of the treats, making them irresistibly appealing to your cow friends.

We are committed to providing exceptional products for your livestock. Our Cattle Treats offer a grain-free, premium sun-cured alfalfa snack with a delightful star anise flavor. Use these treats as a training reward for your 4H show steers or give your cow a snack just because they asked for it.

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