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Giving pills just got easier!

Giving pills just got easier!

Patent Pending Pill Carrier
Patent Pending

Standlee Premium Western Forage has been very busy developing an easier solution for giving medication to your favorite horse! In May 2018, Standlee will be launching Standlee® Horse Pill Carriers® to help assist you with providing oral medications or supplements to your horse, pony or donkey. We are thrilled to provide a much-needed answer to medication delivery, through a nutritious treat forage-based treat.

Features & Benefits:

  • Premium Quality Alfalfa-Based – natural, low-sugar option for dispensing medication in pill or paste form
  • Hollow Cylinder Design with “Pill Holding” Technology – prevents pill from falling out of cylinder
  • Safe to Feed – Horse pill carriers can be fed empty as a treat to eliminate potential horse refusal
  • Stay Fresh Packaging – resealable package to keep horse pill carriers fresh and palatable

For more information or to find where to order, please contact Standlee Premium Western Forage Customer Relations at 800-398-0819 or email

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