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Giving Horses Pills Just Got Easier

Giving Horses Pills Just Got Easier

Giving oral medications to horses can be a hard task! Pastes are a little easier than other oral medications, often with a long syringe that can be placed towards the rear of the horse’s mouth. Pills, however, can be very difficult to administer to our horses. Owners often grind the pills and try to mix them into the feed. A picky eater will repeatedly sift through the feed, making sure not to consume any of the ground pills. Yet, you can't stop trying. Your horse must get the total dose of medicine at the correct time for the prescribed number of days.

Standlee Wellness™ Horse Pill Carriers® assist with providing oral medications or supplements to your horse, pony or donkey. Now featuring an improved, softer center, these pill carriers are a much-needed answer to medication delivery, through a nutritious forage-based treat.

Horse Pill Carrier Array

Features & Benefits:

  • Now Featuring a Newly Improved, Softer Center Formulation – maintains pliability longer, making it easy to conceal pill medication
  • Premium Quality Alfalfa-Based – natural option for dispensing medication in pill or paste form
  • Hollow Cylinder Design with “Pill Holding” Technology – prevents pill from falling out of cylinder
  • Safe to Feed – Horse pill carriers can be fed empty as a treat to eliminate potential horse refusal
  • Stay Fresh Packaging – re-sealable package to keep horse pill carriers fresh and palatable

Horse Pill Carriers are naturally flavored with ground fenugreek seed. Researchers in England studied the top flavors selected by horses and fenugreek, banana and cherry topped the list. Analysis of the final data showed that the top eight flavors were, in order of preference, fenugreek, banana, cherry, rosemary, cumin, carrot, peppermint and oregano.

Standlee has very consistent products which is also extremely important when trying to administer a medication. We want to make sure the horse is readily consuming the pill carrier’s void of any medications, so that they view them as a treat. The alfalfa base and fenugreek flavoring then continue to mask the flavor of the medication you are providing. Additionally, the forage in Standlee’s Horse Pill Carriers is not super finely chopped; the fiber length offers a normal texture to the horse and also covers the texture of any medication you may be providing.

See what Jett, a 30-year-old Thoroughbred with Cushing’s disease, thinks of the Pill Carriers!

If you have questions, please contact the nutritionists at Standlee or consult your veterinarian.

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