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Everything You Need to Know About Beet Pulp for Horses – Part 1

Everything You Need to Know About Beet Pulp for Horses – Part 1

Some of our most popular products at Standlee are our Smart Beet Pulp Pellets and Shreds, and although they are top sellers, we often get questions about what it is from those that have never heard of it or its benefits for horses. In this part of our beet pulp series, our equine nutritionist, Dr. Stephen Duren at Performance Horse Nutrition, helps address some frequently asked questions about beet pulp.

Some topics he covers in the video below are:

  • What beet pulp is
  • How beet pulp differs from oats
  • The two types of beet pulp products Standlee offers

Beet pulp is a great way to increase fiber in your horse or other livestock’s diet. Fiber helps provide animals with energy to grow, work, and play and is often fed as a supplement to help underweight horses gain weight. Though it is a supplement that is added to the horse or other livestock’s diet, some believe that it is a filler type feed to help keep the animal full, which is not true. Dr. Duren explains more in the video below.

Now that we have broken down the basics of what beet pulp is, we will explain everything you need to know about how to feed beet pulp products in part two of this series, coming soon.

Not interested in waiting or want more in-depth details on beet pulp? Watch our webinar, “Beet Pulp – What is it and Why Do Horses Need It?” learn more now.

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