Premium Chopped Timothy

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Premium Timothy Grass Chopped is highly palatable and molasses-free. Chopped forage is cut into 2-4 inch pieces for easier digestion and horses with dental issues. For increased Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, chopped forage is sprayed with canola oil.

NET WT. 25lb (11.3 Kg)

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  • Rich in Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acids
  • Senior Friendly
  • Highly Palatable


Per Pound of Forage

Crude Protein Min 8%
Crude Fat Min 2%
Crude Fiber Max 28%
Moisture Max 12%
Ash Max 12%
ADF Max 36%
NDF Max 56%
Dietary Starch Min 0.5%
Sugars Min 8%
Fructans Min 3%
Digestible Energy 1 Mcal/lb
Omega 3 Min 8%
Omega 6 Min 12%


Timothy Grass Sun-Cured (Chopped), Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Glycerin, Green Tea Extract


Chopped forage is designed to allow for an easy transition; however, to minimize digestive upset, we recommend gradually replacing existing hay with the same weight of Standlee forage over a seven to fourteen (7-14) day period.

  • Weigh the amount of forage provided to each horse to ensure you are feeding the proper amount.
  • Chopped forage is often mixed with the grain portion of a diet to slow the rate of intake of grain. It is also utilized as a highly palatable carrier for medications for sick animals.
  • Never feed moldy or insect infested forage to horses.
  • Always provide free-access to fresh, clean water.