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Ep. 023: Horse Feeding Myths - What's Wrong and What's Right?

Co-hosts Dr. Tania Cubitt and Katy Starr chat about many different so-called equine feeding "myths."

Episode Notes

On this episode, co-hosts Dr. Tania Cubitt and Katy Starr chat about many different so-called "myths," including:  


• Do horses need to be fed at the same time every day?

• Is it okay for hot horses to drink cold water?

• Should horses be fed prior to exercise or will it cause digestive upset?  


Whether you've heard rumors spread through the barn or at shows or blasted across social media, we're talking about a number of "myths" or maybe some "truths" to these rumors on this episode!


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Scientific References:

2:13 – 

  • Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, “The Effect of an Irregular Feeding Schedule on Equine Behavior.”


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