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Tips for Feeding Compressed Bales

  • Always feed by weight not volume.
  • Feed 1.5-2.5% of body weight in forage per day. For a 1000 lb horse, that’s approximately 15-25 lbs per horse per day.
  • Standlee compressed bales weigh approximately 50 lbs per bale, but will vary slightly so always weigh your horse’s forage.
  • Cut bales during the previous feeding to allow for expansion and be sure bale is placed in a large tub, wheelbarrow or something of that nature to keep the forage contained.
  • When you cut and remove the straps from the bale, as an example, you may count approximately 11 flakes. However in this case, after 6-12 hours of expansion, you would then count approximately 22 flakes. You haven’t magically made more hay, it has just expanded into normal flakes.
  • As an example, if you count 22 flakes in the bale (number of flakes may vary), you would divide 50# by 22 flakes and the flakes would average 2.27# each. Using this example, a 1000 lb horse with no other forage should consume around 15-25 pounds per day or 6 to 11 flakes per day (be sure to weigh your horse’s forage).
  • Once you have become accustomed to the expansion of the bale, you will likely not need to cut the bale in advance of feeding the forage, since you will be familiar with the product.

For any questions, please contact Standlee Premium Products at or 1-800-398-0819.

Due to natural characteristics of forage and low processing, our products are unique by their very nature and products may have some slight variations. SPWF makes every effort to ensure any variance does not affect the quality of the product.