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The Chicken Coop of Our Dreams!

The Chicken Coop of Our Dreams!

What better way to kick off Chick Days than to share a blog that features a chicken coop that most of us would dream of having. Our very own Laura Marie “LM” Kramer – Owner of La Bella Farm and National Accounts Director for Standlee Premium Western Forage® – shares her secrets on how to build a dream worthy coop.

Chicken Coop

Within her blog, LM talks about what she loves and what she would change. Some of her favorite attributes about the coop are the foundation (yes, this coop has a concrete foundation to keep those pesky foxes away), and the electric door, which has a timer to let the hens in and out at the preferred time of day. She even talks about how she beds the laying boxes; we might be a little bias, but this is our favorite part!

Chicken Coop Interior

LM uses Standlee’s Flock Fresh® which is a blend of chopped straw, zeolite, and alfalfa. The straw is perfect for the bedding, the zeolite absorbs moisture, and the alfalfa encourages your hens to peck through and continually turn the bedding.

“When I received my first bag of Spruce the Coop, I sprinkled it into the three boxes they never used and that day, the hens switched to laying in the boxes with Spruce the Coop.” LM Kramer – Owner La Bella Farm

If you are courageous enough to build this mansion of a coop, she takes you through her trials and errors so that you don’t have to! One thing we learned,don’t forget to cut the holes for the doors before hanging the plywood – Thanks LM!

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