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Standlee’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Livestock and Animal Lovers

Standlee’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Livestock and Animal Lovers

The cold weather is here, and with it comes cozy sweaters, Christmas songs, and holiday shopping. Give thoughtfully to the people who always put their animals first; they deserve a little something special too! Let’s make gift giving more personal and less stressful this year. Below are the best gift ideas that will cover just about everyone on your list, including horse lovers, your favorite goat friend, and even your chicken-obsessed neighbor.

Halter & Apple Berry Cookie Cubes

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For those who own one horse or multiple horses, you can never have too many halters! We recommend making it personal by choosing a halter and matching lead in their favorite color. To complete the bundle, include a bag of our grain-free Apple Berry Cookie Cubes® as a treat for their horse.

Wooden Feeder & Small Animal Food

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For those that enjoy the company of a small animal, such as a rabbit, chinchilla, guinea pig, etc., our PremiYum™ small companion animal product line ensures that their furry friend is getting the best quality ingredients to make up the perfect nutritious diet for their tiny bellies. Include this 2-in-1 wooden feeder to enrich mealtime and help limit hay and food waste.

Egg Gathering Basket & Sweet Coop

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The chicken lovers in your life will love collecting fresh eggs with this rustic metal basket. Elevate this gift combo by adding a bag of Sweet Coop® to help keep their coops smelling fresh and create a healthier environment for their chickens. They will thank you when they gather eggs and notice the odor has been neutralized.

Goat Blanket, Halter, Lead

Standlee Forage Gift Guide Image 4

Your goat-obsessed friend will appreciate this perfect gift set. How many halters and lead ropes does a goat owner need? The limit does not exist! Throw in a canvas goat blanket and some high-quality organic alfalfa pellets, and your gift will be the highlight of the season.

Comb & Brush

Standlee Forage Gift Guide Image 5

It’s showtime! This comb and brush are the perfect stocking combo for anyone with horses, cattle, goats or other livestock. Help your friend always be prepared for their next show with the essentials for fitting or to spend some quality time with their animals to strengthen their bond. Just another couple of items that you can never have too many of, because brushes are like pairs of socks and always disappear!

Yeti Cooler & Horse Fresh

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For the adventurous animal lovers in your life, whether it be trail-riding, competitions, lessons, and more. Yeti never disappoints, and this cooler is an excellent way to keep drinks and food cool on the go. Add this bonus gift, a bag of Horse Fresh®, to minimize odors and reduce moisture in their horse trailer.

Barn Print & Jewelry

Standlee Forage Gift Guide Image 7

Want to spoil someone with a gift especially for them? Treat your best mom friend, a special grandmother or favorite aunt this season, because we all know she undoubtedly deserves it! You’ll win them over with this farmhouse-style barn print and custom jewelry set that she’ll rave about for years.

Sleazy, Hay Bag, Horse Pill Carriers

Standlee Forage Gift Guide Image 8

These Christmas gift ideas are great options for those who seem to live out of their trailer and spend the week getting ready for the next competition. You can never have too many sleazys and hay bags. And when it comes to medicating horses, it can be difficult, so give the gift that keeps on giving and reduces stress for humans and horses alike, with the Standlee Horse Pill Carriers®. Bonus, they work well as an alfalfa-based treat too!

Deluxe Grooming Bag, Heated Bucket, Hoof Pick

Standlee Forage Gift Guide Image 9

This cold-resistant designed heated bucket will surely be a hit for your horse-obsessed friend! Help keep everything organized with this deluxe grooming bag, and the hoof pick can double as a great stocking stuffer!

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